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  Level 100 Course

        UK_100 IRIS Awareness & Navigation

  Budget Courses

        PBF_300 Public Budget Formulation
        FM_BUD_300 Budget Maintenance

  Business Warehouse Courses

        BEX_300 BEx Web Reporting
        BEX_SLCM_300 BEx Web Reporting
                    for SLCM Users
        BI_BOBJ_200 Business Objects for End Users
        BI_BOBJ_300 Business Objects for Power Users

  Faculty Effort System Course

        FI_FES_315 FES Data Processing/Actions

  Finance Courses

        FI_200 Finance Overview
        FI_GU_310 GL Account Docs (JVs)
        FI_GU_320 Statistical Internal Orders
        FI_PC_300 ProCard Editing

  Grant Courses

        GM_200 PI IRIS Grant Budgeting Overview
        FI_GM_310 Grants Management Analysis
        FI_GM_315 Grants Analysis Refresher
        FI_GM_320 Advanced Cost Sharing

  Human Resources Courses

        HR_200 Human Resources Overview
        HR_OM_320 Position Creation
        HR_PA_300 Personnel Administration
        HR_PA_310 PA Actions
        HR_PA_340 Faculty Hiring Actions
        HR_TM_300 Time Management

  Materials Management Courses

        MM_APP_310 Approvers
        MM_PUR_330 Advanced Purchasing
        MM_REC_320 Receiving
        MM_REQ_300 Requisitions

  Plant Management Courses

        PM_WO_300 Work Orders
        PM_WO_310 Work Order Components

  Position Budget Control Courses

        PBC_200 Position Budget Control Overview

  Student Lifecycle Management Courses/Tutorials

        SLCM_200 SLCM Overview
        SLCM_AD_300 Event Planning
        SLCM_AD_310 Student Records
        SLCM_AD_315 Booking Rules
        SLCM_AD_320 Booking
        SLCM_AD_340 Programs of Study
        SLCM_CA_310 Student Account Balance Display
        SLCM_WP_210 Grading
        SLCM_WP_220 Overrides
        SLCM_WP_230 Faculty SLCM Overview
        SLCM_WP_310 Advising


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