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IRIS Training Plan Request Form

  The purpose of an IRIS Training Plan is to indicate the mandatory courses an employee must successfully complete in order to obtain the necessary access required to perform their job responsibilities in SAP/IRIS.

Effective July 1, 2014, a training plan is valid for six (6) months from the date it is approved. If a required course is completed after the six (6) months period and the corresponding access is still needed, a new IRIS Training Plan must be submitted prior to the access being provisioned to the employee.

Form Instructions
There are five sections on this form which must be completed:
    1.  Approver/Area Security Officer
    2.  Reason for Training Plan
    3.  Requester and Employee Information
    4.  Course/Role Selection
    5.  Training Plan Submission

A training plan for SLCM access only must be submitted directly to IRIS Training by the employee's designated College Contact.

A training plan for all other access (with or without SLCM access) must be submitted by the employee's Business Officer (or immediate supervisor authorizing the access) to the appropriate Approver/Area Security Officer (ASO) delegate for approval. The Approver/ASO delegate will forward the training plan upon their approval.

For Faculty and Teaching Assistants needing access for grading, class rolls, advisor holds, and overrides only, the designated College Contact must send a regular e-mail directly to the SLCM Team requesting the appropriate access.

Review the IRIS Training Plan Submission Policy for further information.

Any training plan received with incomplete information and/or insufficient approvals will be returned for re-submission.

1. Approver/Area Security Officer
Based on the submission guidelines stated in the Form Instructions section above, enter the appropriate e-mail address in the field below.

Refer to the table below for the appropriate e-mail address. This is the address the form will be sent to when submitted.

Approver/ASO Delegate E-mail Address
UK Dept Number begins with 1*, 3*, or 9* Anthony Russell
UK Dept Number begins with 4* Toni Smith
UK Dept Number begins with 7H* Trish Polly
UK Dept Number begins with 8* or 7* (excluding 7H*) Susan Wang
UK Dept Number begins with H* or G* Kerry Bradford
SLCM access ONLY (submitted by College Contact)

2. Reason for Training Plan
Enter the start/effective date and select the appropriate reason for submitting this training plan. Additional comments and/or special instructions can be noted also.

Start/Effective Date: (mm/dd/yyyy)

Brand New UK Employee
Current Employee - New Position
Current Employee - Same Position - New/Additional Access
Rehired/Reinstated Employee
Access Removal ONLY (List all access to be removed in the Comments/Special Instructions field below and do not select anything in the 4. Course Selection section.)
Other (Explain in the Comments/Special Instructions field below.)
Comments/Special Instructions: (Maximum length = 500 characters)

3. Requester and Employee Information
Complete all requester and employee information. Any training plan received with incomplete information will be returned for re-submission. Again, the Requester must be the employee's Business Officer or designated College Contact.

Requester Information
  E-mail Address:
Employee Information
  Link Blue ID: (i.e. jdoe222)
  Person ID:
  Personnel Number:
  Position Number:
  Position Title:
  UK Dept Number: (i.e. 3J510)
  E-mail Address:

4. Course/Role Selection
Select the appropriate course(s)/role(s) required for the employee's job responsibilities.

General Courses
  SOR Statement of Responsibility (One time requirement for all users!)
  UK_100 IRIS Awareness & Navigation

Business Warehouse (BW) Courses
  BEx-Web Reporting Courses:
  BI_BOBJ_200 Business Objects for End Users

Financial (FI) Courses
  FI_200 Finance Overview
  FI_CT_300 Cash Transmittals
  FI_GU_310 GL Account Documents (JVs)
  FI_GU_320 Statistical Internal Orders
  FI_PC_300 Procard Editing
  FI_FES_315 FES Data Processing & Actions
(Please complete the three marked fields below also!)
       *FES Access Type:  
       *FES Access Level:  
       *FES Department Number(s):
       (Enter the department number(s) for this FES access in the field below.)
  FM_BUD_300 Budget Maintenance

Grant Management (GM) Courses
  FI_GM_200 PI Grant Budget Overview
    FI_GM_200 is to be taken ONLY by Principle Investigators. Staff employees should take BEX_300 and FI_GM_310 for equivalent access.
  FI_GM_310 Grants Management Analysis
  FI_GM_315 Grants Analysis Refresher (This course is to be taken no sooner than six months after completing FI_GM_310!)
  FI_GM_320 GM Advanced Cost Sharing

Human Resources (HR) Roles & Courses

STEP 1: Choose the appropriate HR Role(s). The course requirements are listed next to each role.


STEP 2: Enter the department number(s) to which the employee needs HR access in the field below.
  HR Department Number(s):
  HR_PA_340 Faculty Actions (Additional course for the HR Business Officer Roles, if applicable)
  LSO Training Administrator (HR_200, Desk-side training by HR Training & Development)
  LSO Instructor (HR_200, Desk-side training by HR Training & Development)
  LSO Reporter (HR_200, LSO Reporter for Research, Desk-side training by HR Training & Development)

Materials Management (MM) Courses
  SRM_SHO_300 SRM Shoppers
  SRM_CON_300 SRM Goods Confirmations
  MM_PRD_300 PRD Creator (Includes MM_PRD_200 PRD Personal Settings & Attributes)
  MM_APP_300 Combined Approvers (For SAP, SRM & PRD Approvals)
(Please complete the two marked fields below also!)
       *Approver Level:  
       *Approver Department Number(s):
       (Enter the department number(s) for this Approver access in the field below.)
----The two courses below are for UK Healthcare, College of Medicine, and Facilities ONLY.----

  MM_REQ_300 SAP Requisitions
(Please complete the marked field below also!)
       *Requisitions Form:  
  MM_REC_320 SAP Goods Receiving

Plant Maintenance (PM) Courses
For UK Facilities ONLY

  PM_WO_300 Work Orders (Includes PM_WO_305 Work Orders Assessment)
  PM_WO_310 Work Order Components

Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) Courses
  SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview
  SLCM_AD_300 Event Planning
  SLCM_AD_310 Student Records
  SLCM_AD_315 Booking Rules
  SLCM_AD_320 Booking
  SLCM_AD_340 Program of Study and Majors
  SLCM_CA_310 Student Account Balance Display
  SLCM_WP_210 Grading
  SLCM_WP_220 Overrides
  SLCM_WP_310 Advising
  Student Alert Access (SLCM_200)

5. Training Plan Submission
Please verify that all sections of this form have been completed accurately, and then click on the SUBMIT IRIS Training Plan Request Form button below.

Any training plan received with incomplete information and/or insufficient approvals will be returned for re-submission.

Once IRIS Training has received and processed this training plan request, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to all employees listed on the form.

Caution: The RESET Form button will clear all fields and selections.



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