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      SAP Training Sandbox   
The SAP Training Sandbox, located on the myUK Launch Pad screen, is a copy of the SAP Production System. It mimics the functionality of the Production System, but contains fictional employee and student data.

The Training Sandbox is used for several SAP training courses and provides SAP users a platform to practice the transactions they have learned in the courses.

The Training Sandbox icon usually becomes available for an SAP user within 24 hours after completing the UK_100 IRIS Awareness & Navigation training course in myUK Learning.

However, should you need to manually request access to the Training Sandbox, do the following:

1. Compose an email to
2. Enter Training Sandbox Access Request as the Subject
3. List your name, Linkblue ID and Email address in the body
4. Press Send

You will receive an email confirmation once your access has been granted and is available. Please allow up to 1-2 buisness days for processing.


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