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Business Warehouse is the long-term solution for IRIS reporting. With a data warehouse at its core, Business Warehouse offers tools for data extraction, reporting, and analysis; delivered Business Content reports; and a web-based user interface called Business Explorer (BEx).

NOTE: BW courses are now taught in the BW Production system. Therefore, anyone taking a BW course MUST have IRIS R/3 access in order to take the course.

If you experience problems with BW, please submit a BW Request.

        Business Warehouse Frequently Asked Questions

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BW/BEx Courses

  BEX_300 BEx Web
  BEX_SLCM_300 BEx Web Reporting
             for SLCM Users
  BEX_305 BEx-Analyzer
             for Power Users
  BEX_SLCM_305 BEx-Analyzer for
               SLCM Power Users

Business Objects (BOBJ) Courses

  BI_BOBJ_200 Business Objects
               For End Users

FI Reports
  Funds Center Balance Budger vs Actual

HR Reports

  BW Labor Distribution Report

BEx-Analyzer (Power User) Documents

  BEX Naming Standards
  BEX Query Guidelines
  Display Query
  Run a Query via the Web

Business Objects Documents

  BOBJ Naming Standards & Query Guidelines

Related Links

  IRIS - BW Information

BW Web Reporting End User Quick Reference Cards (QRC)

  Entering Variables
  Designing Report Layouts
  Using Filters
  Using Exceptions
  Using Conditions
  Exporting Reports
  Saving Your View in BW

BEx Analyzer Power User Quick Reference Cards (QRC)

  BEx Analyzer Icons
  BEx Query Designer Icons
  BEx Query Display
  BEx Save Query
  BEx Adding & Using Variables
  BEx Save View Global
  Run a BEx Query via the Web

BOBJ End User Quick Reference Cards (QRCs)

  Report Display
  Report Display - Toolbars
  Report Display - Changing Variables
  Report Display - Add/Remove Columns
  Report Display - Exporting a Report
  Report Display - Filtering a Report
  Report Display - Saving a Report
  Report Display - Toolbar Reading


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