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Material Management supports Purchasing/Procurement, Accounts Payable, and Procurement Card functionality, as well as Inventory Management. The MM module offers streamlined processes, less paper, and electronic workflow.

Functionality includes Purchasing, Procurement, Hospital Inventory Maagement, Bar Coding/Scanning for Hospital Inventory, Procurement Card enhancement, and MM Inventory Mangement.

MM Forms Access Request (For requesting access to the UKY Web Procurement forms page)

  Materials Management Courses

         MM_APP_300 Combined Approvers
         MM_HI_200 MM Navigation/Display
         MM_HI_300 Materials Handlers
         MM_REC_320 SAP Goods Receiving
         MM_REQ_300 SAP Requisitions

  SRM Courses

         SRM_CON_300 SRM Goods Confirmations
         SRM_SHO_305/306 SRM Shoppers

  PRD Courses

         MM_PRD_200 PRD Personal Settings & Attributes
         MM_PRD_300 PRD Creator

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  Materials Management Quick Reference Cards (QRC)

MM Global
        Materials Management Processes

Hospital Inventory
        MM03 Display Materials
        Web Procurement
        ZMM_PICKT Pick Ticket
        ZMM_Short Short Sheet

Purchase Orders
        ME23N Display Hospital PO
        ME23N Display Purchase Order
        ME2K Display PO by Cost Object
        ME2L Display PO by Vendor
        ME2M Display PO by Material

SAP Goods Receiving
        MIGO Goods Receipt - Create
        MIGO Goods Receipt - Cancel

SAP Requisitions/Reservations/Frame Work Order
        ME51N Create Requisition
        ME51N Create Multiple Account Requisition
        MB21 Create A Reservation
        MB26 Posting Reservations
        ME51N Frame Work Order
        Z_FORMSM Change Form Template
        Z_FORMSM Create Template: Requisition Form
        Z_FORMSM Create Template: Reservation Form


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