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      BPS_300 Business Planning Simulation


This course is designed to instruct business officers on all aspects of preparing the annual operating budget for the University of Kentucky. It covers the series of events outlined in the operating budget calendar. The Business Planning Simulation system (BPS) is IRIS's tool used for planning and creating budgets. BPS is fully integrated with BW and uses similar functionality. Capabilities of the system include:
  • Budgeting across modules (HR, FM, GM)
  • Providing reports using BW
  • Allowance for extracting and retracting data from and to IRIS

This course is restricted to approved upper level business officers who have the responsibility to enter new fiscal year budgets into the system. Course registration is completed through the Area Fiscal Officers.

Prerequisites: BEX_300

BPS System Help

If you have issues with the BPS system, please email your issue to the BPS Issue list serve and a copy to your AFO. Please attach a screen shot of any system message you receive, so the BPS Team can provide specific help in solving your problem.

The Operating Budget Process Manual is designed to serve as a guide and reference material regarding all aspects of the preparation of the annual operating budget for the University of Kentucky. The budget manual format should provide a procedural roadmap for budget users.

  Business Planning Simulation (BPS) Course Manual:

  BPS Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting
  BPS Troubleshooting Guide

Budget Preparation Quick Reference Cards (QRC)

  Non-Position Budget Layout
  Position Budget Layout
  Adjustment Reason Code Layout
  Regular Position Budget Only Layout
  Non-Regular Position Budget Layout
  Non-Regular Position Salary Layout

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