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      HR_PA_310 Personnel Administration Actions  
This course is intended to give departmental Business Officers and Personnel Administrators an understanding of and the instructions for properly executing various Personnel Administrative Actions, such as hiring, additional assignments, position changes, separations, etc. Generating and printing the required Payroll Authorization Record (PAR) is also covered. A Practice Guide is available for participants who wish to have hands-on practice in executing the various transactions covered in this course, but it is not a requirement for completing the course. Participants must successfully pass the Check for Understanding questions and the PA Actions Assessment in order to complete and receive credit for this course. Prerequisites: UK_100, HR_200, and HR_PA_300.

  • HR_PA_310 Personnel Administration Actions Course Manual:

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      Approve PA Action/Change In Base Pay
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      PA40 Position Update
      PA40 Change in Status
      PA40 FTE Change
      PA40 Leave of Absence With Pay
      PA40 Return From LOA With Pay
      PA40 Leave of Absence Without Pay
      PA40 Return From LOA Without Pay
      PA40 Long Term Disability
      PA40 Phased Retirement
      PA40 Retirement
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      PA40 Withdrawn To External Learner

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